Puno – Copacabana – Sun island – La Paz 1 day full day

The tour begins at 06:30 am with the pick up of passengers from the hotel (near Puno), to board the bus to Copacabana (Bolivia), where they will visit the sanctuary of the Virgin of Copacabana. Later they will board the boat that will transport them to the Isla del Sol, cradle of the Inca Empire.


The Isla del Sol is 9.6 km long by 4.8 km. wide and is considered a sacred place, it is said that this place was where the God Viracocha came from and created humanity after the great flood.

The island is divided into three communities: “Yumani” in the south, “Challa” which has a white sandy beach on the central east coast and “Challapampa” near the northern end of the island, the latter is the gateway to Andean origins.

The southern part is more visited and there are the most important archaeological ruins such as: The Pilkokaina Temple and the stone steps of the Inca, which lead to the source of Life. In this part there are various lodgings, restaurants-cafes and pizzerias.

The northern part can be accessed by boat from Yumani to Challapampa, or by walking 3 hours along a pre-Columbian path that crosses the island. There are the archaeological sites of La Chincana (the labyrinth of stone walls), the Temple of the Sun, the Sacred Rock and the Ceremonial Table. There is also an interpretation circuit and an archaeological museum.

On the legendary Isla del Sol, you will enjoy the Garden, the stairs, the Inca fountain; Later they will visit the pillkokaina complex (temple of the sun) is the main tourist attraction, in addition to the terraces of the Pachamama and (Inca stairways), where they will observe part of the Inca agriculture.

After the visit, we board the boat again to continue sailing towards the city of Copacabana and a panoramic view of Lake Titicaca. After transfer back to Puno city.

06:30 am HP Pick up from the downtown hotels of Puno and travel by bus to Copacabana (Travel time by bus 3 hours).
10:30 am HB Copacabana Tour through the village (Visits: Cathedral, Main Plaza).
11:00 am HB Copacabana – Sun Island by Catamaran (Refreshments on board).
12:00 pm HB Visits to Sun Island (South Side), Visits (Exclusive) Places lake as: Garden of the Inca, Tiers of the Inca, Inca Sacred Source and Inti Wata Complex Sun Island: Activities (Exclusive): Ancestral Ceremony and Kallawaya.
01:30 pm HB Sun Island (South Side): Activities (Exclusive): Demonstration Ancient sailing on a raft of reeds.
02:00 pm HB Catamaran Sailing Sun Island – Chua and Buffet Lunch on board (3 hours trip by Catamaran).
05:00 pm HB Chua – Puno (2 hour travel by Bus).
08:00 pm HP Arrival and transfer to your hotel in Puno.
  • Land transport Puno – Copacabana.
  • Guide assistance.
  • Short visit to Copacabana.
  • Catamaran Copacabana – Isla del Sol – Chua’s port (4 hours trip by Catamaran).
  • Exclusive vist to Inti Wata.
  • Snack on board.
  • Buffet lunch on board.
  • Land transport Chúa’s Port – Puno.
  • Drink on board.
  • Premium ensurance $3.50 US per person.
  • Embarkation tax $6.00 US per person.
  • Others not mentioned in the tour.
You may take:
  • A light day pack to carry all the necessary things for you.
  • Take Mineral Water with you, (but the price increase on the islands).
  • Money for snacks, souvenirs, in Bolivianos.
  • Hat, sunscreen and sunglasses.
  • Jumper (sweater).
  • Walking shoes or boots.