Tour: Mystical – Cultural / Chucuito – Aramumuru – Jayu Marca 1 day full day

Chucuito is located 18 km (20 min) from Puno, where a construction from the Inca period, with large blocks of polished stone pedestals on the outside. Inside it shows another smaller wall carved in stones, it is the Inca of Uyo. In it you have several explanations. This 20.10 by 10.36 meters enclosure has access directed at 35 degrees northeast, which is the wind direction from the lake.

It has been observed that the outer edge of the access and the opposite inner edge have a line running east-west and north-south. These lines coincide with the interior corners of the enclosure, which suggests that the building is designed to be used as a geodetic-astronomical observatory and to define the moments of agricultural activities.

On a route of approximately 18 km (1.30 min) rises what is considered a unique wonder of this region: The Muru Aramu gate is a carved stone portico seven meters wide and seven meters high.

The locals say that it is the entrance to the “Temple of Illumination of the God Meru of Viracocha” or “Hayu Brand” and tell strange stories about the door, since some nights it becomes semi-transparent suggesting an illuminated city.

They also say that to play with both hands the internal sides of the door frame and the stone that rests on a crack that is in it, strange sensations such as the vision of fire, musical melodies and even the vision of tunnels can be perceived. that cross the mountain.

Although the hundreds of people who have tried to perceive these phenomena, only a few managed to notice some of the sensations described above. The natives consider the place called “Aramu Muru” as a gate itself, and man as the key, which can be passed through when it aligns with the sun.

The tour will last approximately 6 hours.