Tour Lampa – Pukara (Complejo Arqueológico), turismo alternativo y cultural full day

Starting this excursion preferably in the morning, we leave the hotel in a vehicle on paved road, to Juliaca, from there, we continue north on a road that leads us to Pukara (45 min. trip) 61 km from Juliaca, paved road that connects Puno and Cusco; here we will visit the ruins of Kalasaya, located one kilometer from the town of Pucará.

This presents two sectors: a ceremonial area with nine pyramids and an urban area.

We will see remains of underground buildings, the complex dates back to the year 200 a. C. and has an area of ​​500 hectares. We will also visit the Pukara museum where we will appreciate Monoliths and beautiful ceramics.

The inhabitants of the so-called Pukara culture achieved remarkable astronomical, architectural and hydraulic knowledge, passengers will be able to confirm that Pucara is a town of artisans and potters.

You will appreciate the famous “Toritos de Pucará” in the visit to one of the workshops that open their doors to visitors to show them all the art and work of which they are heirs.

Continuing with the tour we will head towards Lampa, along a trail road, during the trip we will observe beautiful altiplanic landscapes, the travel time will be 45 min. approx. Upon arrival we will go to a local restaurant, where we can taste typical dishes of the area.

Lampa is also known as the pink city of the 7 wonders, among its tourist attractions that we will visit is the Lampa bridge, one of the most beautiful in the region, The Church of Santiago Apostol, The Replica of “La Piedad”, famous work from Miguel Ángel, the fine fur chinchilla farm, and the queñuales forests, typical of the Peruvian highlands. Later, we return to Juliaca, to take the road to Puno.

  • Tourist transport (Car).
  • Official tour guide.
  • Lunch.
  • Entrance tickets.